A Fan is Remaking Need for Speed Underground 2 in Unreal Engine

The legendary game shines brighter than ever with UE4. 

We're not sure about you, but Need for Speed Underground 2 is dear to our hearts. Such a game can't happen today due to licensing issues but we still would love to play an official remaster one day, even if they have to imagine new cars. In the meantime, one fan decided to reimagine the title using Unreal Engine 4. 

The project, titled 2Unreal4Underground, already has a test track, and GUI, plus the developer imported some of the Underground’s car models. The fan-made remaster also has familiar sound effects and the iconic soundtrack, which also features tracks from Need for Speed Underground, Underground 2, and Most Wanted.

Thanks to Unreal Engine, the game now has better lighting, atmospheric effects, reflections, and more. The developer has recently added nitrous, but the project is still missing car customization, campaign mode, and multiplayer mode. Let's hope EA doesn't shut the project down and gives the developer enough time to bring back classic mechanics. 

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