Upcoming Shadow of Skyrim Nemesis Mod Gives Enemies Unique Names and Buffs

They can also take your gear and use it.


Have you ever been defeated by the same enemy in Skyrim over and over again? So much that it feels like they have a personal vendetta against you? Well, maybe it is true with the Shadow of Skyrim: Nemesis mod by Syclonix. It makes the enemy you've been beaten by your nemesis, gives them a unique name, better stats, and buffs. They can also loot you and wear your gear. What a motivation to get better!

Here's the list of what the mod does:

  • Turns any enemy who defeats you into a Nemesis with a unique name, increased stats, and a special buff (e.g. Argonian Vampire named "Breaks-Many-Shields" with "Shield-Breaker" buff).
  • Gives the player a situational or random debuff upon defeat (e.g. Cannot use shields).
  • Allows your Nemesis to take your gear and use it (e.g. "Breaks-Many-Shields" may be clad in your chitin armor next time you meet him if your armor is better than his).
  • Encourages exploration by respawning the player to a new situational or random location upon defeat (e.g. Vampire lair because "Breaks-Many-Shields" is a vampire).
  • Gives the player a quest to track down your Nemesis/Dropped Backpack with immersive directions (e.g. Return to Shrine of Mara, near Morthal).
  • Motivates the player to complete Nemesis quests (e.g. Defeating "Breaks-Many-Shields" will remove the "Cannot use shields" debuff and grant the "Shield-Breaker" buff).
  • Provides a continuous gameplay experience without saving and reloading (you respawn after defeat instead of dying and reloading).
  • Intentionally synergizes with other mods that add new enemies, locations, abilities, and perks.

The mod is inspired by Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor/War by Monolith Productions, which has a similar nemesis system.

Syclonix says that most of the major systems are in place and they're working on polishing the framework before starting fleshing out the content. They hope to release the mod next month.

If you'd like to try Nemesis, check out the full list of its features on Reddit and see what the modder is up to on Nexus Mods. Also, don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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